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Good morning challenge...

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Get up 1 hour earlier….let’s go!

Ok, so November is just around the corner and I don’t know about you but October, lockdowns etc. have me a little off course and I need to get back to my morning routine.

I know it works so why do I stop? Makes no sense right? Sometimes we need to be in this together.

It’s time for a new day, let’s get back to positive morning habits and set ourselves up for success. Feel free to change this up but this may help you to start.

There might be a small bit of evening prep to keep you on course but this is to a minimum 😉 (runners/ leggings, decent breakfast in the press, notebook – that sort of thing)

….and we’re off…

1. Set the alarm 1 hour earlier than you usually do. Sleep well.

2. Get up and smile :) (no thinking) – drink 1 pint of water

3. Find a quiet space where you can relax and be alone. Sit in an upright position, feet flat on

the floor, hands placed on knees. Relax the shoulders. Breathe in deeply and out through the nose for 10-15 minutes. To help you remain still, notice the cold feeling in the nose on the in breath and the warm feeling in the nose as you exhale.

4. Grab your runners/ leggings etc. (night-time prep)

5. Go for a 10-15 minute walk/ jog nearby

6. When you return, it’s brekky time. Mindfully make and eat your breakfast by paying attention to the little steps and noises created while making and eating. (Suggestion of porridge, berries, almond milk, natural yoghurt, chia seeds, almond flakes). Finish with a small glass of water. (15-20 minutes)

7. You have a few minutes left - Consider 3 things that you are grateful for and write them down or say them allowed if preferred.

8. Consider 1 thing in this day that you are looking forward to.

9. Find your ‘accountability mirror’ and set your intention for the day by speaking out loud into the mirror. This can be whatever you want it to be e.g. I am all that I need to be today. I love myself and I will do my best. Thank you to the Universe for your lessons and blessings.

Prepared, preserved and ready with a sense of wellbeing – have the best day 😊

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